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As a naturopathic doctor in a one on one setting, nutrition professor, and frequent public speaker, Dr. Brie is always eager to spread the message of health and wellness. She has participated in several health fairs, run many lunch and learns, as well as health seminars on various topics. Dr. Brie has held talks for gyms, schools, large companies, sports teams, and private groups. She continuously receives great feedback, and is frequently booked for follow-up events. For more information or to book an event you can send her an email directly. 

Contact Dr. Brie at: 

Popular Topics: 

Tired of Being Tired, Stress and What You Can Do About It

Hidden Barriers to Weight Loss That Are Commonly Overlooked

Stress, Depression, Anxiety: Antidepressants are Not Your Only Option. Learn All About A Holistic Approach to Improving How Your Mental Health

The Gut-Brain Connection: The link Between your IBS and Mental Health

Nutrition 101: Trendy Diets and Super Foods Are They Really Worth The Hype? 

Nutrition 101: Commonly Consumed Foods That Might Be Working Against You

Balancing Hormones: From PMS to Menopause and Everything In Between

Fertility 101: Getting Pregnant isn't Always as Straight Forward as it Seems. Learn How to Optimize your Chances of Conceiving Naturally and Increase your Chances of Having a Healthy Pregnancy. 

Autoimmunity: Your Body is Talking, It's Time to Listen 

Community and Corporate Wellness: Welcome
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